Lera Shtyreva

Age: 6
From: Natalyino Village, Nizhny Novgorod Region
Diagnosis: CP (spastic diplegia)
Fundraising goal:  $2,520 

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Your donations will help pay for:
Rehabilitation therapy at Sakura Medical Center  
Lera was born severely premature; her lungs hadn't formed yet, and the doctors had to place her on a mechanical ventilator. At one, Lera was diagnosed with CP.

More than five years have passed, and looking at this smiling girl today, you wouldn’t believe how many difficulties she has had to face. Despite all the challenges, Lera is a very cheerful and outgoing child who enjoys playing with others. Lera even attends a regular childcare center, but only for a half day: she gets tired fast, so her parents don't leave her there for a full day yet.

Thanks to continuous rehabilitation therapy, Lera can now walk for short distances - she can walk about 200 yards on her own. Lera refuses to sit down in a wheelchair, so she usually walks with her mother for support. The main problem right now is that as she grows, Lera's gait changes and the results of rehabilitation therapy gradually diminish. Lera needs not only to reinforce them constantly, but also to reach new results every day.

Even with a busy therapy schedule, Lera still has time to study. She is currently learning to read, and she especially enjoys Mikhail Prishvin’s short stories about animals and nature.

Lera really needs another course of rehabilitation therapy. She continues to grow and needs to exercise her muscles constantly. Her parents have already spent all their savings on previous courses, which is why right now they need our help.

Liza and Nastya Kochneva

Age: 7
From: Moscow Region
Diagnosis: cerebral palsy
Fundraising goal:  $3,700 

Your donations will help pay for:
Rehabilitation therapy at Sakura Medical Center  
Your donations will help pay for:
Rehabilitation therapy at the Academy of Health Center (in Elektrostal, Moscow Region) 
Liza and Nastya Kochneva are twins, the only children in the family. The girls already go to school and have completed grade 1 of public school this year. Despite the fact that Liza and Nastya are twins, they are two completely different people, with very different personalities and hobbies.

Liza is just a fountain of positive energy! She is very outgoing and loves to laugh, and will always find something to talk to you about. However, even though she seems so easygoing and careless, Liza is very responsible: she always does her homework, and her notebooks are always very tidy and neat.

Nastya, unlike her sister, is very serious and level-headed. She loves chemistry; together with her mother, they often conduct chemical experiments in their kitchen, using sugar, baking soda, milk, and honey. At the same time, also unlike her sister, Nastya can sometimes forget to do her homework because she was too busy reading an encyclopedia about outer space or too engrossed in a Harry Potter movie.

The two girls have another thing in common – not only are they twins, but they also have the same diagnosis – CP. Their mother, Natalia, does everything in her power to make sure Liza and Nastya live a full and happy life. Her efforts are not in vain – the girls are doing well in school. However, in order for them to be able to continue to attend classes, they need special therapy. And only our joint efforts can help these wonderful girls. After all, helping is so easy!

Yesenia Melnik

Age: 3
From: Kirovo-Chepetsk (Kirov Region)
Diagnosis: spastic left-sided hemiparesis
Fundraising goal:  $2,400 

Dima Korshunov

Age: 4
Diagnosis: CP, spastic paraparesis of the lower limbs, delayed speech and mental development
Fundraising goal:  $2,520 

Misha Ovchinnikov

Age: 6
From: Chekhov (Moscow Region)
Diagnosis: CP
Fundraising goal:  $2,015 

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