Who we are
The Grains of Good Foundation is a 501(c)(3) based in California, USA. We partner with non-profit organizations worldwide and help raise funds for projects that improve children's lives. We are most passionate about supporting every child's right to quality education.

It is amazing what even a little extra help can do to change the everyday life and the future outlook for a child in need. Improve the hospital conditions, provide support for the parents, pay for physical therapy, or purchase a wheelchair. Or create an inclusive education environment that will allow children with special needs to attend a "mainstream" school. We know exactly how to bring this help to the children in need. And we would be grateful if you could help us do it better.

Our two current ongoing long-term collaborations are focused on education. Together with Zhuravlik, a non-profit organization, we provide the opportunity for inclusive education for children with special educational needs. Avis, an international non-profit, is our partner in Mali, where we support a school in the village of Ende.

Inclusive education
Grains of Good has been working with Zhuravlik on creating inclusive environments in mainstream schools for children with special educational needs. We are joined by Applied Behavior Analysis Services of CT, Inc. (US) to increase and improve inclusive education opportunities for children.

Inclusion is necessary to ensure every child can live a full life, including getting an education and spending time with friends in a school environment. Denying access to mainstream education is equal to segregation. Inclusive education is essential for all participants, children, and adults, as it teaches the essential skill of coexisting and respecting and accepting each other's differences.

We help fund professional training for tutors and special education specialists, as well as their salaries. Thus, we allow children to receive an education, support talented and passionate individuals, receive professional training, and find jobs. We also help purchase special equipment necessary to create "inclusive capsules" and help families cover costs associated with ensuring their child can attend an inclusive school.

School in Ende
Together with Avis, a Mali-based non-profit, we support a school in the village of Ende. Getting an education is the first step to any future opportunities. Sometimes, even the most basic needs of children and teachers are not met.
We raise funds to pay for the salaries of teachers in Ende and school supplies and desks. During the recent humanitarian crisis, we also helped purchase food for the village. We will try to continue our support of the Ende school and ensure Ende's children receive fundamental education and a chance at bright futures.

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